The idea of filmmaking mushroomed in my teenage mind when I first saw the incredible storyboards for The Empire Strikes Back and I knew I had to be part of that world. I was into drawing characters, vehicles, monsters and scenes from films but growing up in Birmingham, England, the connection between art, writing and filmmaking was something that wouldn’t become clear until much later in life.

I have seen a tantalizing glimpse of what is possible, by making short films, by writing, by creating concept art and storyboards. At first it feels strange to be chasing dreams, especially in a world that is market driven. The dream world and the world of finance are polar opposites but as a filmmaker I can sense that a collision, deliberate or accidental between the two, can sometimes bring great art to a wide audience.

Sometimes one has a transcendental experience with film. And other times we want our money back. I am compelled to reach for the former and hope that others will consider their time and money well spent.

Humayun Mirza

“Storyboards are for cowards.”

Werner Herzog