Finow Film & Script Festival

This was a win for Terminal!

The festival itself was a train ride from Berlin. The people running the event were really friendly and welcoming. The projection was a bit off; the green channel was missing so every short had a deep magenta colour, at least, on the first day.

I left in a strop and didn’t go back as it was pretty cold in Germany at that time. That weekend they emailed to say I’d won Best Short Film. Hopefully next year I can submit another short and the projection will be tops.

NAFA filmfest 2016

Another great Official Selection for Terminal from the NAFA filmfest 2016. Thank you to everyone at NAFA for their support!

New Renaissance Film Festival (London)

The script for Note to Self got a prize at this fantastic festival.

Award of Merit: Outstanding Achievement in a 15 Minute Short Screenplay. It was well organised and is run by filmmakers. Good atmosphere at this shorts and screenplay festival. There were some interesting talks and some great short films; crucially, the projection was excellent! I will enter again next year and hope to get an invite.

Independent Horror Movie Awards

Huge win for Destroyer of Worlds!

The script won the April 2016 competition and is entered into the annual event. It’s since won in other competitions but this was the first and it means a lot.